FTPShell Client

FTPShell Client 5.24

FTPShell client is a windows file transfer program
5.24 (See all)

FTPShell client is a windows file transfer program that enables users to reliably transfer files, upload to websites, and download updates from the internet. Key features include:

-FTPShell Scripts
-Enables creation of FTPShell scripts for automated and reliable file transfers. FTPShell Script is easy to use and supports basic constructs for looping, conditional execution, list manipulation, and wildcard matching. It also supports several macro commands for file processing and secure file transfers using SSL/TLS (FTPS) or SSH (SFTP).

-Comparison and synchronization
-Provides a very easy interface for comparing local and remote folders and synchronizing them either in the upload (eg. updating a website) or download (eg. Mirroring an FTP site) direction.

-Task scheduling
-Easily set up one-time or recurring file transfer tasks.

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